I’ll admit it: I turn on Sesame Street every morning for two reasons primarily, neither of which are for my child’s entertainment or education (though they are both exceptional by-products of my actions).
Nay, we settle in with Elmo every morning so I can drink my coffee while it’s hot and also, hopefully, tend to some emails before they’ve been sitting in my inbox all day long. It’s a good little morning routine for us. I kid you not: Iris learns oodles from her fuzzy friends and I’m a better mama for getting a handle on my day right away.
But the other day, Iris came over to me and said, “Mommy, cuddle.”
You better believe my laptop was closed in under a second flat, and we watched the rest of Sesame Street like this:
I keep a little journal to write down everything Iris does that I want to remember. Right now, things are so normal and cute and funny; but eventually, she’ll grow out of those things, and it terrifies me to think that I may not remember them clearly.
Needless to say, since mommying two and being so busy, it’s been easy to fall behind on documenting every darling or astounding thing that either of my children does. And that absolutely pains me because they’re at the age where every little thing deserves to be noted. Everything they do is amazing or makes me laugh out loud.
But I take comfort in the fact that the reason I’ve not been able to document it and the reason I have so little time is that I’m living in precisely each moment as it’s given to me. This is my lifelong dream. Each day, I’m able to focus on every moment for exactly as rich and precious as it is because I’m living them without distraction. We’re right in the throws of life. And whether or not I can remember all of Iris’ funny words or exactly when Edi started reaching for an object in front of her face, I have the pleasure of knowing that I was there for it. I lived it, they lived it, and even if it isn’t recorded in history, here we are carrying out this grand vision, the little pieces that make a bigger plan and purpose for our lives.

And cuddles, cuddles are an extremely important piece of that.